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Finally, there is a way for photographic servicers to communicate with each other instantly!

There is a better way to share ideas, to receive advice and to help shape our own professional future.

WHAT IS TechNet?

TechNet is a group of astute professionals that work together to improve the service industry. They communicate daily using electronic mail on the INTERNET. The name of the program is The TechNet. Members keep updated on pertinent happenings within the service industry and other important topics. TechNet is patterned (with permission), after the very successful NESDA Net.


Electronic messages (Email) are sent via the INTERNET to the TechNet computer. The TechNet host computer system then copies the message to every member on that list. Thus, by sending Email to one address, that member communicates with a target group of other associates. He or she may also send a message directly to any other member.


Any Legitimate Camera Repair Shop, retail stores that only send out cameras for repair are not welcome. You must do repairs in your facility.


Many servicers already have everything needed to participate. Required equipment includes a computer, a modem, and a subscription to any on-line service that provides access to the INTERNET such as America On-line, Prodigy, CompuServe, or Genie.


TechNet includes all TechNet members. This Email address goes to all subscribing TechNet members, associates and vendor affiliates. Use it to broadcast industry alerts, address industry issues and search for N/A parts.

There are presently 2 more specific lists. One for each special interest group:
  1. RepairsNet is sent to TechNet members that are interested in helping the public with hard to find repairs. This is also used to help put the customer directly with a repair shop instead of some mall store that is gona ship it off and jack up the prices.
  2. Humor For those who like to receive the jokes.


TechNet is FREE to all L.L. Service Guide Subscribers, NAPET and SPT members. FREE access to TechNet, one of the most powerful tools to ever hit the industry, is one way to thank you for your support.


TechNet is best when it is not a spectator sport. The sharing of ideas and opinions is the real value of TechNet. Your voice on issues and questions for how policies are formulated and standards are set will shape the future of our industry.


  1. First sign up with any on-line service, such as AOL, that has access to the INTERNET. They will provide you with an INTERNET address.
  2. To request to become a member of the list, send Email to: In the body of the Email type: subscribe (list requested i.e.: av) + (your Email address). Example: subscribe electronics You are asked to provide your name, your INTERNET address, business name, address, phone and FAX. or just fill out our on-line Subscription Form.
  3. Send Payment via a check, wire transfer or FAX us your VISA or MasterCard number.
  4. Check your Email daily.
  5. Get Involved.
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